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It’s time to take your job board to new heights. Get started today with the Interview Preparation Addon for WP Job Manager plugin and see the positive impact it will have on your website.


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Optimize your job board and boost revenue

Are you looking to take your job board website to the next level? Stand out from the crowd and offer a unique advantage to your visitors with the Interview Preparation Addon for WP Job Manager plugin.

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Interview Experience to your visitors

By incorporating interview preparation into your job board, you not only enhance the user experience but also increase the chances of job seeker success. Set yourself apart from other job boards by offering this valuable service and watch your user engagement soar.

Increase CTR

+ 30%

Generate more Traffic and Increase CTR

This Addon generates not only more traffic but also increases user engagement. With job seekers spending more time on your platform, their increased engagement leads to higher click-through rates as they explore job opportunities.

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Track number of interviews, unique visitors using interview prep on your website

With the integrated Huru API, you can offer interview services to your visitors for Free. It allows you enhancing the user experience on your job board and offering users a seamless end-to-end job search experience, from browsing listings to attending interviews.

How it works?

Integrated seamlessly with Huru using Huru API, you can now provide interview coaching services to job seekers visiting your platform. Imagine the difference it will make when candidates are fully prepared and confident during their interviews.

Step 1

Install our Addon & Activate the license

Start by installing our Addon after installing WP Job Manager plugin. Once installed, activate the license to unlock the full potential of the Interview Preparation Addon.

Easy Installation and settings

Configure your Start interview button

Huru Partner API Integration

Put your API Key and Start offer interviews

Earn from interviews

Earn from every interview taken through your job board

Boost income


Easy to use

User friendly

Step 2

Get Huru API Key

Next, head over to the Huru API portal to obtain your unique Huru API Key. This key will enable seamless communication between the plugin and the Huru app, ensuring a smooth integration.

Step 3

Let your visitors practice interviews

With everything set up, you’re ready to let your visitors practice interviews with ease. The Interview Preparation addon empowers job seekers to hone their skills, boosting their confidence and improving their chances of success.

It’s that simple! In just three steps, you can enhance your job board with interview preparation services and provide a valuable resource for your visitors.


What Your Visitors Will Get

An incredibly experience through your job board that allow them practicing interviews in any job offer page using Huru APP

Video Interview Experience

Give your visitors the opportunity to simulate real-life interviews through video interviews. This experience allows them to practice and refine their interview skills in a realistic setting.

AI powered Feedback

Our addon utilizes Huru API that use AI technology to provide valuable feedback to your visitors. They will receive detailed insights on their interview performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Practicing from any job offer

Your visitors can practice interviews specifically tailored to job offers they are interested in. So, When someone visit your job page, he will be able to practice interview questions for that specific job offer.

AI Answer Tips

Huru offers AI-generated answer tips to help your visitors craft effective and compelling responses to any interview question. These tips provide guidance on how to structure their answers and highlight key points.

High Confidence Level

Your visitors will gain a higher level of confidence when going into actual interviews. This increased confidence can greatly improve their performance and overall success rate.

AI Coaching

Huru offers AI-powered coaching to assist your visitors throughout the interview preparation process. The AI coach provides personalized guidance, tips, and strategies to help job seekers excel in their interviews.

Simple pricing plans for every budget

Straight forward and up front pricing plans designed to suit teams of any size.



Save 50% $99

  • Huru API Integration (No need coding, Only put your Huru API key on the Plugin)
  • Choice of the placement of the button (Button that allow visitors to add a specific job offer to Huru and start practice interview using Huru App)
  • Latest updates
  • Priority support



Save 50% $299

  • Huru API Integration (No need coding, Only put your Huru API key on the Plugin)
  • Choice of the placement of the button (Button that allow visitors to add a specific job offer to Huru and start practice interview using Huru App)
  • Latest updates
  • Priority support

Huru API Integration

100% no-risk money back guarantee


What is the Interview Preparation Addon for WP Job Manager plugin?
This Addon integrate Huru API to allow WP Job Manager users plugin that allows job boards to offer interview preparation services to their visitors. It provides tools, resources, and AI-powered features to help job seekers practice and improve their interview skills.
Can I track the impact of the Interview Preparation addon on my job board?
Yes, you can track the impact of the addon through the Huru API Portal. Monitor unique visitors who take interviews, track the number of interviews taken through your website.
Can I customize the addon to match my job board’s branding?
We created a standard button for all job boards. You can choose the placement of the Button (Top, Middle or Bottom).
How does the integration with Huru API work?
The integration with Huru API enables seamless communication between the Interview Preparation addon and the Huru mobile App. It allows job boards to access Huru’s powerful interview services, including video interviews, AI feedback, answer tips, and coaching, enhancing the overall interview preparation experience.
How does the AI-powered feedback work?
Visitors will get their feedback through Huru mobile app. The AI-powered feedback feature analyzes job seekers’ interview performance and provides detailed insights. It highlights their strengths and areas for improvement, helping them understand how they can enhance their interview skills and increase their chances of success.
Is technical support available for the Addon?
Yes, we provide technical support for the Interview Preparation Addon. If you encounter any issues or have questions during the installation or usage process, our support team is here to assist you.

Build a strong online presence and launch your success

Increase revenue with WP Job Interview Addon, and let your visitors enjoy interview preparation.

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